Our experience in marble cutting.

The Rosso Asiago marble has an oriented texture. Therefore it can be sawed on both verses.

The marble block is cut on the verse when the blade enters the side (ribs) and cuts parallel to the layering planes. In this way, the grain does not stand out on the plane of the slab.

The marble block is cut on the reverse when the blade enters from above, perpendicular to the layering plane. In this way, the plane of the resulting slab shows the grain of the marble.

From carefully selected blocks we also obtain the Fiorito, a particularly popular variant of Rosso Asiago.

The main activity consists in the quarrying of the marbles from which the "banks" are obtained, from which, after a working process that takes place in the quarry itself, the "blocks", "SB" or shapeless are obtained which are then entirely worked from sawmills.

From the selection of the quarried material, inert and shapeless materials are also quarried for rocks and river embankments of customer’s request, which are supplied with own means of transport.

With a very particular taste, marble elements for gardens, paving stones and natural stones are also supplied as furnishing accessories.