A tradition of over 60 years of quarrying and processing of marble.

“Do not forget the efforts and sacrifices of our fathers, do not abadon but follow the way they have traced, living the nature of our mountains by understanding and respecting it means achieving the goals we have set ourselves, thus improving the efficiency of our company”.

Our company has an experience that began in the early sixties that allowed to combine the passion for marbles with the entrepreneurial efficiency, in which the exaltation of human resources are found, the development of technologies, the excellent quality of products and reliability in relationships with customers. The opportunity to work in the midst of nature has taught us to respect it, while entrusting fundamental rules of our entrepreneurial life, that is why the places of production activities are kept perfectly tidy and clean, thus ensuring the safety of employees and the surrounding realty, allowing the quarrying of the perfect product of absolute quality, thanks to the use of the most innovative technologies.

Our quarries are equipped with vanguard machineries that allow us to make work faster, less heavy and well finished safely, respecting current environmental standards. The open-air quarries allow with the quarrying of the marbles to obtain the "banks" from which, after a working process that takes place in the quarry itself, 1st choice blocks, 2nd choice semi-blocks and 3rd choice shapeless blocks are obtained which are then transported and processed in the sawmills. All the production of the blocks intended for cutting is cataloged by quality and identified by the extraction code to which they belong: This ensures the precise management of orders and production according to the customer’s choices, also ensuring the homogeneity of shades for small and large project.