Not only tradition, also innovation.

In order to better meet the growing demands of the marble market, always looking for new grains, shades and colors, the Pilati family can now count on the exploitation of 7 quarries, all in the territory of the Asiago plateau.

This led to the quarrying of different qualities from red marble with more muted shades, but always suitable for exteriors and interiors.

Great attention is also paid to improving working conditions, purchasing handling machinery and new-concept special equipment, applying to the quarrying activity the modern methodology and the most vaguard techniques.

The whole activity is always carried out with the greatest respect of the human resources and environmental, safeguarding the territory from the landscape point of view, respecting nature with tidy and cleanliness, with particular attention, at the end of the quarrying, to the morphological recomposition of the soil, bringing it back to original state.

The last generation of the Pilati family has completed the business development with a solid partnership with one of the best sawmills in the North-East of Italy, specializing in the sawing and processing of marble blocks. This has allowed us to collaborate with well-established architectural firms to which it is thus possible to supply the finished product.